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Reduce – Reuse – Recycle


Mauser-Noreko - we make recollection easy and provide sustainable use of resources!

It is the objective of Mauser-Noreko to contribute to an environmentally friendly disposal of used industrial packaging. We achieve this primarily by increasing the level of reuse, and secondly by increasing other types or recycling.

We provide state of the art web tools and flexible, secure and efficient collection systems for used industrial packaging in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

State of the art

  • Our web application ensures convenient and accurate registration of requests and allows for easy dispatch. In addition it gives you feedback and access to information from the relevant collections.


  • We collect IBCs, steel drums and plastic drums from all major manufacturers.
  • Collection of anything from small lots to entire truck loads.
  • Individual logistical solutions where required.


  • Collection within a few days.


  • One important aspect of reconditioning is the separation of residual content from the packaging, making it fit for reuse, and ensuring the safe disposal of chemical residues.

Safety and Waste

  • Materials not suitable for reuse will be recycled. These materials are separated and sorted by type and sent for recycling and/or energy recovery by certified partners.

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